Apivita 5 Action Eye Serum

Apivita 5 Action Eye Serum

  Apivita is one of my favorite natural beauty brands and that is no secret. I have wanted for long to
try this 5 action eye serum and I finally did. Apivita 5 Action Eye Serum is infused with white lily extract proven to reduce dark circles and the signs of fatigue under the eyes, while also reducing the sagging of the upper eyelid.

 My greatest concern with respect to eye area is the “crow’s feet”, as my skin is extremely thin and fragile and fine lines have started to become more visible and deeper. The crow’s feet is a great concern for many women. It is associated with expression wrinkles.

Unfortunately i didn’t see any visible difference with my fine lines around the eye area, resulting from face expressions.

 The skin around the eye area is more hydrated and it’s elasticity has improved but not the early wrinkles. I have to admit that I have used this eye serum alone, while the packaging states that “for better results use it along with an Apivita eye cream.

  Also i always use each product twice before writing my reviews in order to be certain with my conclusions, but I have just finished the first bottle of this eye serum. I tend to repurchase and use it along with an eye cream this time.

  It’s formula is lightweight and something between fluid and cream.

  APIVITA has replaced water in the 5-ACTION EYE SERUM with an infusion of a combination of 3
sideritis species in order to utilize its strong antioxidant, photo-protective and moisturizing properties.

  Also the patented propolis extract offers its antioxidant properties by protecting from oxidative
stress and environmental attacks. Ages under 35 years old will find this product marvelous as it is very moisturizing and and packed with natural ingredients.

  This product is a bit pricey. Considering we have to purchase a separate eye cream for best results makes it even pricier. Given the fact that it’s formula is made 96% out of natural extracts and plants, i don’t mind the price. 

To be followed with a complementary review after 2nd bottle use.

  Phase B: I purchased the second bottle for my review to be more accurate.  Eye wrinkles around the very gentle eye area
did get a little better but not that much. I used it along with an eye mask
from Fresh Line (Fresh Potato Eye Mask: https://www.freshline.gr/en/face-masks/eye-mask-sold-by-weight_130318/ ) and the results were much better.  Given the fact that this is not a cheap product i had higher expectations from it.

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Purchase here: https://www.apivita.com/uk/

♥ 96% Natural

♥ No: Parabens,
Silicones, Propylene Glycol, Butylen Glycol, Mineral Oil, Ethanolamines,
Phthalates, Alcohol, Fragrance.


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